We’ve had an eventful and exciting journey together… We are from South Africa and we met in a nightclub before we were Christians. We married and started a family, but within a few years our marriage hit a major crisis point and we were planning to get divorced.

However, we both became Christians and as we learned how to live our lives according to the Bible, God dramatically changed us from the inside out. We learned how to truly love and respect each other and how to relate to each other whilst celebrating our differences. We also learned to overcome our own insecurities and prejudices. It wasn’t an overnight transformation, but today, we can say that we are more in love than we ever thought possible. God truly restored our lives and our marriage.

After becoming Christians, we attended and graduated from Rhema Bible Training Centre. From there we became actively involved in our local Church. In 1993, God directed us to move to the UK. We made the move in 1995, and started Carmel Ministries International in 1996. Since then we have founded Carmel City Church, Carmel Bible College and Carmel Christian School.

We love being a part of Carmel City Church; it makes the journey worthwhile when we see other people’s lives change as they learn and apply the Bible’s principles in the same way we did, and still do. With God in charge, and as we follow Him in everything, the Church has grown steadily and has increased its influence locally, nationally and worldwide.

We trust that you will enjoy the journey with us.